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Why is the SR is so successful on the greens?
- An all new mid bias trajectory means exceptional accuracy on the draw shot on EVERY type of green surface.
- The larger running surface gives unparalleled stability in the wind.
- Better positioning of the new grips makes this the most comfortable and balanced bowl in the hand.
- The SR line is between that of a Vector and XTL.
- Enhanced hold on the controlled up shot.
- The profile coupled with the improved running surface keeps the SR stable on the weighted shot. No swooping, no hook, no cutting.
- The SR bias is such that it travels a line that is continually turning towards the target. It's not flat, which would make it wind affected. The SR turns gently until it
stops, with total predictability.

The Redline SR looks great in black or one of our twelve attractive colours.

Black - available in Heavy Weight, sizes 00-5 and Extra Heavy Weight, sizes 0-4 .
Colours - available in Heavy Weight, sizes 00-5

The Redline SR is available either plain or with a Crescent grip.


Taylor Bowls guarantees its bowls for 10 years from the manufacture date against cracking, breaking, defects or faulty workmanship. This guarantee does no cover chipping or scratching, which are considered normal wear and tear.

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