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Carrie McLean (Scotland)

An A to Z of Team Taylor

Carrie McLean (Scotland)

Carrie was born in 1998 in Irvine, Ayrshire.  She started playing bowls at the age of 8 encourage by her family who all play. From that young age she started and continues to play at Auchinleck IBC and plays at Cumnock and Catrine outdoor.

Carrie enjoys playing with her Vector VS size 2 as they have brought her a lot of success. She says: "they have a steady and consistent line which I like."

Her nickname is "teapot" apparently because she stands like a teapot when she plays!!

Her funniest moment in bowls has to be the time when one of her more confident friends went on to play a tie with their stickers on their bowls changed around the wrong way and didn't realise. You can imagine what happened!

Currently Carrie is a student at Auchinleck Academy and her favourite book is "To Kill a Mockingbird". She most admires David Gourlay in the bowling world.

Bowling achievements:

2016 - The youngest ever lady at the age of 17 to receive full International honours for Scotland!

A special mention has to be made when in 2013 Carrie won the SIBA under 25's singles. She was the youngest player ever to win this at the age of 13. The following year, still being the youngest ever Scottish U25's champion, she also became the second person to ever win back to back Scottish titles at the age of 14. Furthermore, in the same year in 2014, at her first attempt at the WIBC singles, she became the youngest every under 25's champion!

2015 - Women's SIBA Scottish Fours Champion

2014 - SIBA under 25's Singles Champion

   WIBC World under 25's Singles Champion

   SYIBA Pairs Champion

   Ayrshire's under 16's Singles Outdoor Champion

   Bowls Scotland under 25's Internationalist (to the present)


  2013   SIBA under 25's Scottish Singles Champion     

    SYBA under 17's Internationalist (2012 to the present)

    Under 18's SIBA Internationalist (to the present)


2012     SIBA under 25's Internationalist (to the present)

     SYIBA Under 17's Internationalist (to the present)