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Chloe Greechan (Jersey)

An A to Z of Team Taylor

Chloe Greechan (Jersey)

Chloe was born in Jersey in the Year 2000 and plays for St Brelades Bowling Club outdoors and Jersey Indoor Bowling Club. She started playing bowls at 9 years old following in the footsteps of her parents, grandparents and great grandparents who have all played for years!

She plays with Taylor Ace size 2 with Xtreme grip.  

Chloe also enjoys football and her favourite teams are Liverpool and Celtic.

Her bowling achievements are as follows:-

Channel Islands Pairs Winner 2023

Channel Islands Under 25's Winner (winning for the 4th time!) 2023

British Isles Ladies Under 25's Winner

Jersey U25's Singles 2021

Jersey Ladies Triples and Fours - 2021

Jersey Pairs Winner 2020 (played in April 2021 due to the Pandemic)

Channel Islands Under 25's winner (3rd year in a row) 2019

National under 25 winner 2018
BIIBC Ladies fours runner up 2017
Channel island under 25's winner 2017

Under 25's Ladies Singles Champion 2016

Jersey's Under 18 Singles 2016

C.I. fours and U25's in Guernsey 2016

BIIBC Ladies Fours Champion 2016
Outdoor British Isle Ladies triples runner up 2016

Under 18 BIIBC Bronze Medalist 2015

WIBC mixed pairs champion 15/16 season

Winner of Jersey Triples Championships 2015

Winner of WIBC mixed pairs 2014/2015 season

Last 8 WIBC Singles 2014/2015 season

Runner up Ladies Fours BI 2013/2014 season

C.I. Ladies Fours winner 2013/2014 season

Under 25's C.I. Winner 2013/2014 season

Under 18's Outdoor Champion 2013/2014