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Chris Brown (Crown Green)

An A to Z of Team Taylor

Chris Brown (Crown Green)

Chris was born in 1977 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. He started playing bowls when he was 3 years old. His Mum, Dad and Sister all played and he went along and enjoyed practising before and after matches and as soon as he was allowed started playing in team games.

Chris plays with a Taylor Deluxe 2lb 8oz crown green bowls. He started playing with Taylor bowls about 10 years ago, with a 2lb 11oz and gradually reduced in size over the years. He says: "they feel really comfortable in my hand and do seem to run true to follow the jacks".

He works as a civil servant and his nickname is "Lucky Brown". He says: "i'm not quite sure where this came from although I do tend to think it's more ironic than that i'm genuinely lucky! But then again I might just be lucky!"

He says his funniest moment in bowls was when " I once struck at an opponents bowl that upon connection shattered into quite a few pieces (which wasn't funny) but one of the pieces ricocheted onto the jack and knocked that off the green, resulting in a dead end (which was even less funny for me!!!). Fortunately my opponent saw the funny side of it..."

He most admires Michael Leach, a legend of a crown green bowler who has just turned 68 but is still winning tournaments and has a wealth of experience and tales to tell about the greats of the game."

Major Bowling Achievements:-

2019 Winner of the Rob & Colin Pemberton memorial. This has been running for 6 years and Chris has won this three times. (on 3 different greens as well) and lost in the final twice! Well done Chris!!

Pairs winner of Mirfield Old Bank 2003, 2012 & 2017 (along with Team Taylor Player Gary Ellis)

As of 2018 Chris has won 67 singles titles, across 12 of the 16 counties that play Crown Green bowls. The major ones being:-

Paul Hague Memorial 2015

Cleckheaton Sports Classic 2014

Metro Sports 2014

Arthur Johnson Memorial 2012

Rastrick Classic 2011

Sandal Classic 2011

The Panel Xmas Handicap 2011

Les Evans Memorial (2008, 2013, 2014)

Pudsey Classic 2007

The Grange Classic 2007

Carlsberg Tetley Open Lower Hopton 2006, 2007

South Yorkshire County Merit 2002, 2012