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Lorraine Kuhler

An A to Z of Team Taylor

Lorraine Kuhler

Lorraine comments on the Taylor brand:

I genuinely love my Taylor Aces, they provide me with the confidence to play all the shots I need. And when going overseas I could trust Taylor to provide me with a suitable biased bowl for the surface I was going to need to adapt to.

Which model(s)/size of Taylor bowls do you enjoy playing with and why?

Taylor Ace – size 3

Good all-round bowl, suitable on all surfaces for back-end play especially.

I trust my aces to always give me a chance.

Lorraine's major bowling achievements:

Junior England International 2007, 10, 12-14

Senior England International 2017,19,20,22,23

2022 – British Isles Fours Winners

2016 – British Isles Fours R/U

2021 - National Fours Winners

2021 - National Triples R/U

2018 – National Triples Winners

2015 – National Fours Winners

2015 – National Mixed Pairs R/U

2011 – National Mixed 4s Winners

2023 – World Championship 4s winners – Gold

2022 – European Championships, Triples Silver

2022 – European Championships, Fours Bronze

2022 – European Championships – team champions, England

2019 – Atlantic Rim Triples winners – GOLD

2015 – Hong Kong Classic Pairs Bronze

2011 – European Championship Pairs Silver

2011 – European Championship – team r/u

Junior England International 2008 – 2016

Senior England International 2011 – 2023

2015 - British Isles Triples r/u – 2015

2013, 2014 & 2016 - British Isles U25 pairs r/u

2022 - National Fours r/u

2019 - National Walker Cup Winner

2014 - National Triples Winners

2014 - National U31 Double Rink Winners

2012, 13 & 2015 - National U25 Pairs Winners




What country/region/club/team do you play for?

Indoors – England, Sussex (County), Eastbourne & District Indoor Bowls Club (Club)

Outdoors – England, Oxfordshire (County), Oxford City & County (Club)


When and why did you start playing bowls?

I was brought up around bowls greens as my parents played.

Once I tried it I was hooked and joined my first club in 2002 when I was 11.


Are there any particular stories/incidents you would like to tell us about that relate to your bowling?

I broke my elbow on the bowls green warming up to play Scotland in a British Isles series once, ambulance had to come and take me to hospital – not particularly interesting but a fact haha!


In the bowling world who do you most admire and why?

My ‘hero’ on the bowls green growing up was always Amy Pharoah (then Gowshall) and having recently won a World Championship 4s with Amy, she remains so to date.

The longevity of Amy’s presence at the top of our sport can only be admired, she is the perfect role model for all players, both in her technical ability and behaviours, on and off the green.

Do you have a favourite – film, book, song, football team, actor, etc? It can be more than one if you like.

Chelsea supporter, love reading, The Holiday is my favourite film.