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Come and visit our Visitor Centre, Shop and Indoor Rink at our factory in Glasgow (which has a 4 star rating from Visit Scotland) and discover more about the history of the Company and the game of bowls! Within our Visitor Centre there is an indoor rink where you can try all our bowls models and sizes, as well as purchase our entire range of products from our well stocked shop. Get advice from our experienced staff on our full product range!

Experience first hand how our bowls are created by booking a free factory tour, which will allow you to discover the intricacies of our production process! Please call us on 0141 554 5255 or email us at info@taylorbowls.com to book a time!

Learn about the history of this unique company, which was and continues to be so influential in the development of the sport of bowling.

Whether you are a bowler or are simply interested in our specialised manufacturing process, you will enjoy the informative factory tour.


You will be taken on a tour detailing the bowling manufacturing process from the raw materials to the finished product, which is done in entirety at our Glasgow Factory.

 From the beginning... The phenolic resin granules are firstly transferred to the weighing area, with specific attention paid to the exact measure required for each casting.

The powder is preheated to form a homogenous mass of dough like consistency and then placed in the moulding press where it is subjected to heat and pressure to form the required shape.

After a pre-determined 'cooking' time, the moulding is removed from the press, the excess material is removed and the mould is left to cool for 24 hours, or stored until required.

The computer controlled lathes at Taylors are equipped with the ultimate sophisticated diamond tips. This is where the operation shapes the running surface which in turn determines the bowls performance. There are no 'weights' added - the bias is dictated purely by the shape of the bowl.

If a grip is required it is put on at this stage. The bowl then has its ends or 'lugs', as they are called, shaped, and the rings and scores are machined in.

Each bowl is checked for weight and matched with three other bowls to make a set of four. The weight tolerance allowed for a set at this stage is set at 15 grams by the governing body, Taylor's work to 3 grams between the four bowls.

The 'set' is then run down the Test Table to ensure that all four bowls take exactly the same path and that they comply with the bias requirements as laid down by World Bowls Limited.

Each set is now polished and engraved with the brand name, model, it's own individual serial number, distinguishing logo or emblem, the official oval test stamp of World Bowls Limited, hand painted and then subjected to a final inspection and polish before being packaged in the appropriate box..... and being dispatched to every corner of the world!

Please do book ahead if you would like to include the factory tour in your visit. Unfortunately it is difficult to accommodate unexpected requests for tours due to our busy production set-up.

Call with bookings or enquiries +44 (0)141 554 5255, email info@taylorbowls.com or fill out our enquiry form.